GP Family Doctor

Dr. Frederic Hesters

Dr. Hesters – Medical director – Owner

Since 2004, Dr. Hesters has been an independent general practitioner in Belgium. After his medical and political career in his hometown Zulte, he returned to Spain in 2021 where he did an internship at ‘Hospital Universitario Valle de Hebrón’ in Barcelona in 2001.

As a general practitioner, Dr Hesters deals with many undifferentiated problems and coordinates and refers within the health care system.

Patient-focused: Dr Hesters provides good doctor-patient communication and arranges good continuity of care.

Specific problem-solving strategies: Dr Hesters notes early symptoms and problems and uses specific tools for this, such as anamnesis, physical examination and, if necessary, additional technical examination.

Integrative approach: Dr Hesters often works on several problems at the same time and in different areas (preventive, curative and palliative aspects).

Society-oriented approach: in addition to the interests of the individual patient, Dr Hesters also involves society by, for example, cooperating in large-scale prevention activities and also looks at the cost aspect.

Holistic approach: often the biological, psychological and social dimensions of a problem are addressed. In the care for patients with diabetes, for example, we will have to involve more than one of the core competencies if we want to make statements about the quality of care.