Johan Sagel

Audiologist Johan Sagel

Johan Sagel – Is a Star-registered Triage audiologist with 23 years of experience.
As a Star-registered Triage audiologist, Johan is highly knowledgeable in diagnosing hearing loss and advising on a suitable hearing solution and any additional devices.

His main goal is to make people with hearing loss feel part of society again. He works with the latest hearing devices and testing equipment and continues to develop himself continuously.

A comprehensive hearing test with Johan as audiologist consists of tone audiometry, a bone conduction test and speech audiometry. This not only gives a picture of the severity of the hearing loss, but also of the type of hearing loss.

The measurement results are used as well when fitting a hearing aid. During the fitting process, among other things, another REM measurement is done to see if the hearing aid actually provides the desired amplification.

Would you like to know how your hearing is doing and optionally what the possibilities are for reimbursement?

You can call for an appointment to Clinica La Ermita (between 9.00-13.00) 966 46 21 12
or to Johan Sagel 722 808 707