Dr Erik Rempt, English speaking GP in Jávea since 1998. Located in Clinica La Ermita, Primary Health Care Centre for Family Medicine


IMG-228 Erik Rempt and Eva Japing


Clinica La Ermita

Clinica la Ermita is a spacious, totally renovated villa, in which a small medical clinic is realised. The clinic is situated on a very good location along the Montgo on the road from Jávea to Jesús Pobre and has ample private parking.


The clinic provides space for various specialists and therefore houses different professional medical services under the same roof, amongst others an English speaking GP. Through design and colour use, Clinica La Ermita has a restful and comforting atmosphere. It strives to give excellent service and ample time to every patient.


For appointments please call between 9.00h and 13.00h.

Erik: English speaking GP – General Practitioner and Eva: Practice Manager