Orthopedic shoemaker

Pieter Niessink

Peter Niessink

Is orthopedic shoe technician and orthopedic shoe last maker. He is also a qualified podotherapist and physiotherapist (Bsc).

Peter has worked from 1980 – 1988 as a physiotherapist in Nigeria, West Africa, mainly for the treatment of leprosy and polio patients. From 1988-1989 he was technical manager in Nigeria, Surinam and Turkey, amongst other things to install shoe workshops.

After that he worked for 6 years (1989-1995) as a physiotherapist in a nursing home in the east of the Netherlands.

After completing the study of making shoe last and orthopedic shoe technology, he has become proficient in these subjects at a care institution in the Netherlands.

Pieter Niessink
Peter Niessink is available in Clinica la Ermita with a previous appointment.