Pedicura Foot Care Specialist

IMG-38 Leigh Patterson

Mrs Leigh Patterson

Worked in the U.K. as a Qualified Chiropodist over 20 years, she now provides a Pedicura treatment from our clinic

Treatments up to one hour includes relaxing foot bath (temporarily suspended due to Covid), nail cutting and cleaning.
File removal of callous and invigorating foot massage.
Pedicure Treatments do not include nail varnishing.

If you have perfect feet and just want a little pampering, Mrs Patterson can provide a 30 minute foot massage only.

Coming soon….
Medi Pedi can remove corns, calluses, verrucas, cracked skin on heels, dead hornified ski anywhere on the feet and legs without the use of blades and with visible changes just after one treatment. Medi Pedi uses DMK’s Alkaline Wash treatment to treat these conditions painlessly.

Wilde Pedique. Wilde Pedique is a very strong, elastic gel which sets when exposed to light. It has has been developed especially for cosmetically correcting and restoring damaged toe nails.